Best Hosting

Each web site owner looking for the best hosting environment to host his website, Be careful in your choice it may affect your availability and maybe your security.
Choosing the hosting company is not that easy; you have to measure many factors and options before deciding which company you subscribe with them. I am helping you to identify those factors and answer the question of why Hostmarlin.

1- Availabilities
The first factor you want yo consider the service availability to guarantee your website is reachable and avoid interruptions.
Availability also measures the readiness of the hosting company to monitor every single issue happens and analyzing every single detail to prevent downtime. Hostmarlin is working continuously to keep the service reaching the highest level of availability which almost reaches %100; yes, this is true no downtime occurs before. The server configuration, backup, and network configuration are all monitored and maintained continuously, and this is our mission.

2- Performance
Availability is not the only factor that provides you the ability to identify the excellent hosting corporation. Performance is critical for websites ranking between others and increase audience visiting session time and experience when visiting your site. The Speed of opening the website affect negatively impact on your blog. We are in Hostmarlin reached the best server configuration. Guaranteeing to deliver the expected performance for each client and not only setting, but we also have our inhouse developed scripts for caching which compatible with all applications like WordPress, Magento, and more.

3- Email services
Most hosting companies don’t provide you details on their email services or how they can maintain the quality of email flows. From our statistics, most of the shared hosting customers are solely subscribed only for email service and doesn’t have a website. Email services are not limited to the mailbox, pop3, SMTP only; email security must be ready to protect you and you and your email recipients. Hostmarlin with SpamExperts providing email filtering for outgoing and incoming messages to scan all email activities to give you the protection you want.

4- Security
Getting website vulnerabilities has a bad effection on your website reputation and put your data critical situation. Unforciantly %70 of website owners are not concentrating on security, and most of them are not taking any action until the crises happened.
Do you know how much it cost you to acquire a new audience for your website, it cost a lot and more than the cost of the hosting service. We are applying all security standards to our servers and enforce our staff to follow and maintain a high level of security. We are also presenting you SiteLock to scan all your website files to find all vulnerabilities if exist.

5- Backup
Backup is very critical for your website; without backup, you put your self in a situation of losing everything. We are backing up all of the web sites, and you can extend your backup protection by Codeguard subscription.

6- Compatibility
Finding the environment that fits your web application requirement is not that easy; compatibility means stability and performance for your service. Spacial plans designed only for WordPress verified for the best performance and security. Also, a dedicated control panel to manage WordPress with numerous features designed for WordPress like staging, cache control, free themes, and more.

Your website deserves the best service provider that is willing to support you during the journey and become your successful partner. By choosing Hostmarlin, you choose the best Availability, Performance, Email Services, Security, free Backup, and compatibility for your website.